All of you who are out there who just happened to stumble upon my blog, I wanted to tell you all something.

That no matter what you are struggling with today, no matter who comes into your life to hurt you, no matter what voice tells you that you don’t matter, YOU ARE WORTH IT AND WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

I feel this need to remind this to whomever I come into contact with today. There is a lie in the disguise of an army that comes knocking down the walls of peace in your life to scream in your face that you are worthless and will never be strong again. THIS IS COMPLETE BULL. Excuse the coarseness of that statement, but we wake up every day believing a plethora of lies that have never been and will never be true about life and about ourselves. Your soul is priceless. Your life precious. Your dreams important. Your fears valid. Your hope SECURE.

YOU MATTER. Everything about you matters.

And don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Because it is they who are wrong.

Go kick the devil in the butt today. Christ has already won so don’t fret ok?

Because human opinion never mattered anyway.

Hope, love, and prayer being sent your way today readers!

Much love.






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